How dark is Mandø right now?

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On Mandø we have mounted a Unihedron SQM-LU darkness measurement device in a weather proof sealing, to give us real-time measurements of the darkness level on Mandø, as well as statistics of previous nights, months, seasons and years of darkness measurements on Mandø. The device were put up in September of 2021, so the statistics is still falling quite a lot behind our stated goals...

All the Sky Quality Measurements (SQM) below are in units of magnitude per arcsecond squared (mpsas).

Time of measurementSQM
Sat Dec 2 06:09:42 202318.08
Last hour avarage17.95 +/- 0.08

Level of darkness on Mandø right now


Below are tables with statistics for the darkness measurements for the last two nights. Averages for 4 periods are shown: The astrononomical night, from astronomical dusk till astronomical dawn, from nautical dusk till dawn and from civil dusk till dawn. For all periods the standard deviation is also noted to show the variations in the darkness for the periods. Note that due to Mandøs northern lattitude, some periods, like the astronomical night, do not exist during periods of the summer. The maximum value of darkness measured for each night is also noted. Note that bad weather could give false high darkness values.

Night of 12/01/2023 and 12/02/2023:

SQM (Astr. night)SQM (astr. dusk-dawn)SQM (naut. dusk-dawn)SQM (civ. dusk-dawn)
18.74  +/-  1.2418.87  +/-  1.3118.76  +/-  1.4118.23  +/-  2.53
Maximum value (astr. night): 21.32

Night of 11/30/2023 and 12/01/2023:

SQM (Astr. night)SQM (astr. dusk-dawn)SQM (naut. dusk-dawn)SQM (civ. dusk-dawn)
18.88  +/-  1.3518.96  +/-  1.4218.8  +/-  1.5217.98  +/-  2.89
Maximum value (astr. night): 21.43

Cloud-test: 0.08999999999999986 1.0200000000000067 0.8000000000000043